Diversiteit en Inclusie

Diversity | Equity | Inclusion

Mission & Vision
“We value the power of communities and believe in equal opportunities for all. For us, everybody is a person with a story, not a number, an individual talent. The reason that we get out of bed every morning at Talent Sourcing Partner is our promise: sincere interest and attention.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a significant topic within our brands because we believe that everyone needs a fair chance to enter the labor market. Especially with our brands Studentflex and Compliance Talent we can put flesh on the bones, as these brands help students to discover the labor market in a low-key way: as a temporary worker. We believe in the potential of temporary workers as future leaders and with this way of working we create the positive side effect that our clients get a sustainable diverse talent pipeline. A mix of people within a company brings innovation, growth and especially enjoyment!

Our goal is to change the way people think about hiring. Creating innovative and enjoyable environments. Our vision is to be a sounding board for all our stakeholders, and for the coming years, create a community that is a reflection of the student population in the Netherlands.”

Maurits ter Poorten
Co-Founder & Commercial Manager Talent Sourcing Partner


Anti-discrimination policy
The policy of Studentflex is to provide equal opportunities to job seekers regardless of their age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, beliefs, race, ethnicity, or nationality. Discriminatory requests made by clients during the recruitment process are rejected unless there is an objective justification. Studentflex’s Talent Sourcing Partner is responsible for ensuring that employees are aware of the policy, and they should not tolerate discriminatory treatment from third parties. The company has provided guidelines to employees for recognizing and handling discriminatory requests made by clients during recruitment. Additionally, Studentflex is responsible for creating a safe work environment where employees are respected and can report any unacceptable behavior. For more information about our anti-discrimination policy, click this link.


Studentflex approach to student recruitment
Talent Sourcing Partner is committed to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) beyond our anti-discrimination policy. We strive to actively ensure that vulnerable groups within the student population have equal access to opportunities for gaining labor market experience. By relying on data from sources such as CBS and Onderwijsdata, we choose key diversity indicators to monitor and track progress towards increased equal opportunities for all students. Our approach aims to create a level playing field for all students, recognizing and addressing the unique challenges faced by different groups. This not only benefits the students themselves, but also helps to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the broader community. The key diversity indicators shown below are accompanied by the distribution of the student population, Studentflex’s benchmark, and our goal for student population distribution. For more information, download the quarterly DEI report.

Our social partners
Talent Sourcing Partner collaborates with social partners to share knowledge and expertise with society. Through these joint initiatives, we provide coaching and training to, for example, children and refugees, equipping them with essential knowledge and tools to prepare them for the future job market. Our staff is readily available to support and guide them.

For further questions about our DEI policy, please contact our community manager by emailing hildewillemsen@studentflex.nl