Lorenzo Bissi

International Flexer

Lorenzo Bissi is our International Flexer

Lorenzo is an Italian student who moved to Amsterdam in 2017 to study his bachelor’s degree in European Studies at the UvA. After this degree, which raised his awareness about the history and the culture of the continent he lives in, he moved to the field of law: he's currently completing his Master’s degree in Law and Finance.

Lorenzo is learning a great deal of new things, and Finance is giving him a very new perspective of the world around him.
He's get energized by the people around me; talking to people is what Lorenzo loves. As a flexer Lorenzo is the first point of contact for Studentflex: he reach out to people in his network and work his way up to finding people that are looking for the best part-time job they could hope for.

What convinced Lorenzo to join this company was the philosophy underlying the work of him and his colleagues: offering a service that, in these times of algorithms and automatized processes, tries to be as personal as possible, in order to make the job-seeking activity a guided process that satisfies everyone involved. "My objective as a Flexer is indeed to help all of the international students out there that, as it happened to me 3 years ago, are struggling to find a job to better integrate in NL!"

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