Emma Kersten

Tech-Flexer Utrecht

Emma is our Tech-Flexer in Utrecht

Emma is a 21-year-old student studying Technical Physics at Delft University of Technology. In this study she is challenged to solve as many different problems as possible. As a result of her studies, she is able to apply this to her work. Emma Kersten started as a Tech-Flexer at Studentflex in October. She is responsible for the intake of ambitious and interested technical students. Finding enthusiastic students is what Emma likes most and also what brings her to Studentflex. After all, Emma herself was approached by a Flexer, sign up with Studentflex and eventually ended up at Studentflex itself. She would like to let students know that it's possible to do a substantive side job next to your studies and that it can also bring a lot for your future.

Looking for a (side) job? Emma wants to get in touch with you!

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