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"Through Studentflex, I work at Getir within the real estate team as an Expansion Associate. In a nutshell, my role involves strategically scoping out locations and engaging with other teams to investigate whether it would be a suitable place to set up a Getir warehouse. This valuable work experience through Studentflex is going to help me with my further ambitions, as I now know what it's like to operate in a business, and in doing so also gain soft skills that will always come in handy in the future."

Sammo Wesseling | Studie: Master Chemical Engineering

"I ended up at Studentflex via an intermediary. I liked the fact that they thought along with me about what would suit me best and found a match with their clients. It is important to me that a company makes a social contribution. This is why Studentflex brought me into contact with Vandebron. You go through a training plan, you get training, personal guidance and there is room for your initiative and input. I support Vandebron's product and platform; you are selling a good product. There is also a very positive atmosphere and the team is known to be fun and close-knit. A great combination of mission, good atmosphere, and educational environment!

Sofie Leefmans | Study: Political Communication

"Lucas Florian was my Account Manager and together we looked at various options for temporary full-time jobs. The main focus was: what are you good at, what do you like and where can we help you? I now work in sales at TAPP, an organization that helps entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry to grow by analyzing data and giving them advice based on that data. They were looking for a German and Dutch-speaking candidate for a pilot towards the German market. I particularly liked a large amount of responsibility within this role. I saw it as a great opportunity to further develop my knowledge in languages and sales."

Max Ostermann | Studie: Hotelschool in Den Haag

"I experienced the intake interview at Studentflex as accessible. I had the feeling that the focus here was on really getting to know me and not from a certain direction that had been decided for me. Instead of going through a standard questionnaire, I was asked to elaborate on my answers. You are guided very well in the application process, which gave me a lot of confidence in applying to Adyen. Within Adyen, I work in the Screening Operations team. Here, I am mainly involved in solving fraud cases and checking data. You are working on something so big and you have a contribution to make. That's very cool."

Sanne Pijpers | Study: Business Administration, track Consumer Marketing

"I particularly liked the face-to-face meeting, where you start talking about who you are and what your goals are. It takes some of the pressure off applying for jobs. You can just be yourself and on that basis you are matched to a company that suits you well. I was subsequently hired for the Support Team at Ciphix and I like it a lot! It is presented as a student job, but it is definitely more than that. You have a lot of responsibility, you can try out new things and take the initiative. Personal development is also important at Ciphix. I did a very technical study, but learning soft skills was missing. At Ciphix I am challenged by both!

Mahima Yoga | Study: Aerospace Engineering | Job: RPA Developer at Ciphix

"I came into contact with Studentflex through a friend. I thought: "That's easy!" I send in my CV and they look for a challenging part-time job for me. After two weeks I was already allowed to apply for a job at Adyen! The personal attention of my Account Manager Laura Wendels and the training provided by Studentflex really helped me. It gave me the confidence to start my new job. I have been working at Adyen for three months now and I love it! My team is very diverse and I have contact with people all over the world. I am learning a lot about the financial technology sector, contact with our clients, and working with people from different cultures. We are challenged to learn more, which keeps it interesting!"

Romy Rost van Tonningen | Study: Information Science | Support job: 16 u/w Technical Support at Adyen

"After 6 months of studying in Norway, I was looking for a study-related side job. A job that suited my Bachelor Economics and Business Economics and Master Quantitative Finance. I came into contact with Studentflex and signed up. From that moment, it went really fast. The personal guidance of Account Manager Lucas ensured that I was able to start working at ABN AMRO within a month. I am currently working as a Contracting Officer at ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance. A Contracting Officer is mainly involved in signing financing agreements and collateral documentation between the companies that receive debtors and/or stock financing from ABN. I can describe my time at ABN AMRO as very enjoyable and instructive. My colleagues are friendly, sincerely interested and eager to help.. During my side job I learned economic terms and financial ratios that were also in line with my studies. Through my side job, I was able to see the possibilities into the business world. Now I know more how a large organisation like ABN AMRO operates. You only really know what it's like when you work there yourself.”

Damian van Bakkum | Contract Officer at ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance

I was looking for a part-time job during my final phase of my Bachelor's degree in Cultural Heritage at the @Reinwardt Academy. Through my traineeships I became more interested in graphic design. I was looking for a job where I could develop myself further in the field of graphic design. Via one of my friends @Loreen Bone , I came in touch with Studentflex. After signing up, I had an intake interview with Account Manager Lucas. In no time,, I was offered a job vacancy that matched my preferences. During the preparations for my job interview, Lucas checked-in if everything went well, this was very valuable. For example, he shared useful links with tips and background information so that I was well prepared. I am currently working as a Graphic Designer and DTP’er at Tover in the marketing department. Tover develops games for specific target groups, such as people with dementia, people with learning disabilities, or children with autism. Because of their change of name from Active Cues to Tover, there was a lot of work to do. I support the marketing department in implementing their new corporate identity and designing offline and online communication tools. During my work at Tover I gained a lot of knowledge about the programmes and I learned the do's and don'ts of graphic design. My side job via Studentflex has given me more experience in the field of business. I found a suitable way of working & what I really find important within an organisation. Through Studentflex I am better prepared for my future career. This opportunity has resulted in me being offered a full-time job at Tover.

Frederique Evers | Graphic Designer and DTP'er at Tover

“I was looking for an educational and challenging side job during my orientation and application phase. This didn't turn out as I had hoped because of the current situation... Through a friend I came in touch with Studentflex. After signing up, I had an intake interview with account manager Lucas. Through our conversations about my work experiences and ambitions, Lucas had a clear picture of me and knew very well which job suited me. In no time at all, I was offered two job vacancies that matched my preferences. During the preparations for my job interview, Lucas checked-in if everything went well, this was very valuable. For example, he shared useful links with tips and background information so that I was well prepared. I am currently working as a Restaurant Partnership Representative at Uber Eats. I approach restaurants in different cities and make sure that they join Uber Eats. We are now very busy launching new cities. Normally I would go on a city visit but Corona has made that more difficult. I have noticed that this side job, where I work full-time, is a valuable experience in my orientation and application phase. At an international organization like Uber Eats I learn a lot of new skills such as: adapting, negotiating and convincing in a commercial environment. Working at UberEats allows me to take my acquired knowledge into my next career steps. Because of the rapid changes at Uber Eats you are constantly busy and developing yourself. I now know how a start-up/scale-up operates. It is already a valuable experience, which will certainly be of great benefit to me in my future career."

Kiki van Straaten | Partnership Representative by Uber Eats

"During the final phase of my Bachelor of Computer Science at Delft University of Technology, I was looking for a part-time job. A side job where i could already orientate on my master. Via LinkedIn I came into contact with Laura from Studentflex. I really enjoyed the conversations with Laura. Laura really made an effort to find a job matching with my interests and ambitions for artificial intelligence. I am working at Ciphix as a Conversation Automation Developer. I spend the whole day automating projects for different clients. At my work i mainly focus on building smart chatbots. When building smart chatbots I make sure that different tasks are automated: from making appointments to answering difficult questions. I quickly got my own small projects, so I have a lot of responsibilities. It's cool to work with people who all have the same ambitions as you. You are constantly implementing artificial intelligence within companies. In your studies you often have an assignment that you have to work out but you don't really make a product. Because of my side job at Ciphix I learn how we work from a client's problem to a product. At Ciphix I notice that I get very involved in all projects. You are actually the bridge between the company and the technology. Because of my part-time job at Ciphix I know more about what I want with my master and besides that I know for sure: I want to start my own company."

Gijs Paardekoper | Conversation Automation Developer bij Ciphix

"I was looking for a part-time job during my gap year and next to my studies, . But, where to start? Via one of my roommates, I came in touch with Studentflex. After signing up at Studentflex everything went very quickly. After my face-to-face intake I was offered two options that matched my preferences.After a successful job interview process, Lucas (Account Manager) checked-in if everything went well and how the first weeks went. Because of this I noticed that Studentflex is very involved with you and your new job. I am currently working at VvAA as a Legal Advisor in the Legal Aid department. As a legal advisor you spend the whole day discussing legal disputes with clients. You will have to deal with cases from labor disputes to disciplinary complaints. This makes the job very varied. I can describe my time at VvAA as very enjoyable and instructive. My colleaguesare friendly, sincerely interested and eager to help.. In the past year I have completed my Bachelor of Law degree and I notice that this job allows me to apply and maintain the knowledge I have gained. You learn to communicate with clients in a professional way and deal with many different issues. This helps me define my own preferences..”

Maartje Jongejans | Legal Advisor at VvAA

“4.5 years ago I moved from Egypt to Utrecht to study History and International Relations. It was a coincidence that I stumbled upon Studentflex as I saw it passing by on a Facebook group for international students in Utrecht. I was like “let’s try something new!” as my past experiences were mainly in the public sector and academia. I really enjoyed the contact with Studentflex as it was very interpersonal and about getting to know the candidate instead of a lot of paperwork. Currently, I’m working part-time as customer service and as operations agent at bloomon. I take care of customers’ feedback and comments via various channels such as social media and I manage the messages. Next to this, I’m responsible for the deliveries and logistics. I really enjoy working at bloomon because of the fantastic colleagues, culture and the atmosphere. You really feel like you’re part of a team and it’s more about quality than about quantity. You get the help and feedback you need, the customer service team is always included in the meetings and our feedback is always valued. This job sparked my interest in logistics and operations, shows me how a company really operates and helped me to get out of my comfort zone.”

Jerome Bekis | Customer service and operations agent at bloomon

"I was looking for a part-time job next to my master's and saw a post on Facebook by one of the flexers, Sterre. She put me in touch with Studentflex and soon after that I had an interview with Laura. I had a nice conversation with her about which direction I wanted to go in: a marketing job where I could really learn something. I was very positively surprised by the communication: Laura called me the day before my conversation with Sightful, right after and I got a little present before I started. I thought this was all very thoughtful and personal and that's why I always recommend Studentflex to other people. Currently, I’m doing partly Customer Service and partly marketing at Sightful. I think this is the perfect mix as I get data from (potential) customers at Customer Service that I, in turn, can use for the marketing. Furthermore, in marketing I mainly focus on the analytical aspect with price analyses. I get a lot of freedom and the opportunity to develop myself in different parts of marketing. Everyone is very passionate and works hard which inspires me. In addition, Sightful is part of a larger company, Grand Vision. This way I get to experience the company culture of a start-up, Sightful, and of a larger HQ, Grand Vision: that's special to see. During this job I mainly learned to take initiative: in this corona period communication is even more important than usual. In addition, I learn to work with different people and to take responsibility.”

Philine van Helbergen | Marketing and Customer Service at Sightful

"During my bachelor, I was looking for a part-time job where I would be able to learn something. A friend recommended Studentflex to me and it went very quickly from there. During the intake interview, I was told that it could take three weeks before I would hear something, but four hours later I was called for the position of Screening Operations at Adyen. I especially liked the support, the relaxed atmosphere and the approachability during the interviews and telephone conversations with Studentflex. From the perspective of my studies and interests, I was not engaging with the financial sector. That's why I started looking into the company, talked to others who worked there and spoke again with Studentflex about Adyen. This all gave me more motivation. Currently, I’m working as Screening Operations and I mainly check payment details. At our daily meetings, and in general, our feedback is often requested and our own initiatives are highly appreciated. I notice that due to the open culture at Adyen, I express myself more quickly about things and that this is also encouraged: this gives willpower and self-confidence. I also have an extra task: I work as a Teamlead for the part-timers at Adyen for Studentflex. I have a call with one of the account managers, Loreen, every week to maintain the strong link between Studentflex and Adyen and so that Studentflex keeps a good picture at a distance."

Take Wester | Screening Operations bij Adyen

"Last year I was looking for a part-time job next to my studies to gain experience that would fit my studies and my interests. A friend then told me how happy she was with the side job she found through Studentflex and that it matched exactly with her ambitions and interests. I contacted one of the account managers, Laura, and I was immediately positively surprised by how much care and attention Laura put into the process. Instead of just suggesting some companies, she wanted to make sure it matched well with my personality and goals. She made sure I always felt very supported, but also indicated when I needed to work more on my own self-evaluation to find out what I wanted. Currently I'm working at Adyen as NextGen, part of the Next Generation program, in partner marketing. I learn a lot about all aspects of digital marketing: from SEA to working with design teams and copywriters to doing research for campaigns. I have contact with numerous offices around the world and consult with marketing experts from Singapore to San Francisco. My job at Adyen has helped me to feel more relaxed about graduating because I can enter the job market with real, practical experience that will definitely help".

Jana Sailer | NextGen in partner marketing at Adyen

"Last summer I decided I wanted to gain more experience in business. Exactly at that moment, I was approached by Studentflex by Milou, one of the flexers. Normally you prepare yourself for a job interview in a substantive way and in terms of capabilities, but at Studentflex it was more on a personal level. I was positively surprised by this. After the interview, I still had some doubts because I didn't know what to expect and I wondered: 'what would they come up with?' Within a couple of days, I got a call about a vacancy at New10 and it turned out that they hit the mark at once. I have been working as an Onboarding Specialist at New10 for almost a year now. New10 is exactly the kind of company I was looking for: an open culture without a clear hierarchy. You have a lot of contact with everyone in the company and are encouraged to approach others. There is a lot of room to pick up projects and set something up yourself. This job helps me further in ways that I missed out on when I was a student."

Tristen Assenmacher | Onboarding Specialist at New10

"After 3.5 years in a sales team, I was ready for something new. I was almost starting my master's degree and I didn't feel like having a 'simple' job anymore. Via several connections recommended Studentflex and soon after I had a conversation with one of the account managers, Laura. This conversation stuck in my memory because she really understood me and thought along with me. Quickly after this conversation I got a call about ZIVVER. I now work as a User Representative at ZIVVER and people's first reaction is often "it's customer service, right?" but it's so much more than that. You are constantly solving a puzzle because the things customers experience can have all kinds of different causes. I'm still learning new things after a year, so I stay sharp and challenged all the time. You are really taken seriously at ZIVVER and you feel part of the company. During my job and master’s I also participate in the High Potential Academy program, which challenges me even more to think about my career.”

Renske van Eijk | User Representative at ZIVVER

"In February, I enrolled at Studentflex. After my application, I went for an intake interview and after that it went very fast and I started working at Check. I noticed a notable difference between Studentflex and other employment agencies in their approach: at Studentflex they were genuinely interested in me and what I was looking for and therefore it felt more personal. They put much more effort into me. I wanted to work somewhere where I would be challenged and where I could work in a nice environment and that is certainly the case at Check. At the moment, I work as Community Support where I solve all types of complaints and questions from clients. At my job, I get a lot of freedom in solving problems and Check also asks a lot of input from us because it is a start-up. For example, our help was also asked with standardizing processes. The job especially feels special because I have been able to see how a company is managed from the start. It's very nice to see how a start-up deals with problems, grows and expands to multiple cities".

Diede Pouw | Community Support at Check

"I was approached by Nanne (former flexer) at the time because they thought I had an interesting profile. During the face-to-face intake it became clear that Adyen was a company that would fit my profile well. I then started working in the Internal Control team, which deals with internal risk management within Adyen. After completing my master's, I started talking about a full-time position, which became a position within the Merchant Monitoring department. There I had the chance to participate in a project with the ultimate goal to gain more insight into our customer data. After that, it all went pretty fast: I eventually became responsible for 40 working students as part of the Data Migration Project. It’s extremely challenging and no two days are the same here. It's a great feeling to be given so much responsibility right from the start".

Paul Boers | Team Lead at the Data Migration Project at Adyen

"I was looking for a side job where I could really learn something. A friend introduced me to Studentflex. They called me two days after my intake: they had a suitable job at Vandebron for me! I did a job interview at Vandebron and I have been working in the telesales department ever since. I call interested people who have left their details and I tell them about all the different possibilities. At first, I didn't quite know whether sales would suit me, but now I really like my job. You really get to know the needs of potential customers, a skill that I can put to good use later if I, for example, become a lobbyist".

Lotte | Sales advisor at Vandebron

"After several friends recommended it, I signed up for Studentflex with no clear expectations. All I knew was that I wanted a part-time student job which was more meaningful than working at a bar or restaurant. Something that could aid in my professional development and potentially even improve my CV. Before attending my first interview, I still had some doubts, as I was unsure about what I wanted to do in the future and what my place would look like in a company. However, Studentflex invested a great deal of time and effort into getting to know me and finding a job that suits my personal strengths and interests. Today, I am working for one of the fastest-growing companies in the FinTech industry and a Dutch unicorn: Adyen. I am very thankful for getting this opportunity and would strongly recommend Studentflex to anyone who is ready to take on a new challenge."

Kira Berge | Mechanical Master - Adyen

Dankzij Studentflex heb ik een baan gevonden waarmee ik mijzelf echt kan ontwikkelen. Ik voeg waarde toe aan mijn team, leer elke dag weer nieuwe dingen en doe interessante werkervaring op. Daarnaast staat deze baan ook goed op mijn cv, wat natuurlijk niet geheel onbelangrijk is!"

Chaim Boer | Content Beheer - BVA Auctions

"I had just finished my bachelor's degree in Economics & Business Economics when I signed up for Studentflex. I didn't know what I wanted, but thanks to an intake interview and personal contact they found me a nice place to work where I learn a lot and fit well in the team"!

Dennis Yeung | Construction & Development Department Finance - Ballast Nedam

"My name is Christian and I'm currently doing my master's in Business Administration at the VU. Besides my studies, I was looking for a challenging job next to my studies where I could further develop myself. Studentjob matched me with Uber, a serious job where I get plenty of opportunities to develop myself. This challenge at one of the best-known companies in the world is a unique opportunity that I am very happy with. The responsibilities I get at Uber are super interesting and I get to learn a lot from it. Thanks to the good guidance of Studentflex and Uber, I enjoy every working day".

Christiaan Pleijsier | Rider Support - UBER

"After I signed me up at Studentflex, I got a call about a job at Uber within 2 days. I could get an interview right away and start working the following week! This was the ideal way for me to get to work in a quick and flexible way. I learned a lot within a short period of time at Uber and I like to get to know a large tech company from the inside".

Marloes de Koning | Account Management - Uber Eats

"A year ago I got in touch with Studentflex through a good friend. After finishing my bachelor's I had an intermediate year in which I wanted to do something useful. I was looking for a student job that suited me, a student job where I could further develop myself and that fitted in perfectly with my studies. Studentflex found the perfect match for me. They linked me to ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance where I work part-time as a student in the marketing department. At this job, I learn the tricks of the trade every day and I get a lot of freedom. I'm having a great time."

Josepine van der Erve | Marketing - ABN Amro Asset Based Finance

"Through social media, I got in contact with Studentflex. Studentflex has helped me to find an incredibly nice side job, which is an extension of my studies in Bio-pharmaceutical Sciences. I have experienced the past few months as incredibly educational. Studentflex gave me the opportunity to take a look at the business world of the Over The Counter drug industry and that was a lot of fun. This side job at a Consumer Health Care company was a real challenge that I look back on with a lot of pleasure!

Goedele Claessens | New Product Development Assistent - Serrix

"When I was looking for a part-time job during my master's, I came across StudentFlex. They asked me whether I wanted to work at a Tech Start-up because the company suited me well. After some doubts on my part and persuasion from StudentFlex, I went for an interview. I never thought that they would put me in contact with my future employer, I felt at home from the first moment!

Ynske van Vliet | Sales Support - Adyen

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