Even in these crazy times, we are (online) available for your questions. Studentflex gives you tips & tricks to work efficiently at home.

The positive side of working from home

Studentflex gives you tips & tricks to work efficiently at home.

  • Get dressed!

Take off those pajamas! That sounds crazy, but it is true. From your bed to your laptop is a small step when you work from home. The temptation to keep walking in your jogging suit all day long is high. Unfortunately, this does not benefit the working atmosphere. So keep committing yourself: if you have dressed yourself, you are working instead of in chill mode.

  • Set goals

Even more important at home than at the office: make a realistic day and week schedule and set yourself (intermediate) goals. It’s right: this sounds a bit like your professor advising you on your thesis, but it really works! At the end of the day you have a satisfied feeling. And the plus: you can really end your day.

  • Being productive

The biggest challenge of working from home is staying productive. And we don’t mean cleaning your house from top to bottom. You can be productive by planning focus blocks. Put this in your agenda, put your whatsapp away for a while and get started!

  • Breaks

Distraction!! That is often the situation when working from home. Finally, you can clear out that kitchen cabinet or play the Sims 4 with all expansion packs. Nothing could be further from the truth: you should be working. Just like in the office. But are you going to have a chat with colleagues at the office, do you call when strolling the park, or do you get coffee for everyone? Indeed. Therefore, plan several short breaks (10 min.) during the day. Then you start again with a fresh feeling!

  • Working on a laptop from provided by your employer

Did you get a laptop from work? Therefore, use it only for work-related topics. Do not install games or visit unauthorized websites. Stay professional.

  • Day closure

You are your own manager. At the end of the day, check whether you have achieved your goals and what you can transfer to the next day. Be proud of yourself too! Working from home is new and not always easy. Do not keep working until late, but tick off your to-dos and close your laptop! Sit on your balcony or hang your head out the window! Fresh air does you good.

  • Arrangement with your roommates

Working from home is fine, but at this time you don’t always have the house to yourself. And that can lead to irritation. Therefore, make agreements with each other. Put your laptop or phone aside and discuss the situation with each other. Do not do this once or twice, but regularly. This way, nobody is unduly disturbed and you know what day it will be.

  • Exercise!

Keep on reading.

Scientists keep telling us: “Dutch people, keep moving.”

Empty trains, deserted highways and kitchen tables that serve as desks: millions of Dutch people are forced to work at home because of the corona virus. A necessary measure to prevent the spread of the virus, but there is another danger lurking: lack of exercise. And that while it is very important for your immune system to stay active, says professor of neuropsychology Erik Scherder. (AD)

Every now and then you will have to go outside, for example to do your shopping. You want to have done this as soon as possible in the current time.

You can reserve and use electric partial scooters per minute via the mobile app of our partner Check. This way you can move around the city quickly and easily if you really need to.

Sign up with the code STF-SCOOTER * and receive free minutes worth 15 euros until April 6.

* This code is only valid for new users.

  • Never before has so often been said: “I can see you, can you hear me?”.

In the past week, the Netherlands has been massively video calling. That is unlikely to change in the coming weeks. But how do you deal with that? Can you stay in your pajamas or are you “just working”?

  • Platform

Which service do you use? There are many (free) choices, such as Google Hangouts, Zoom or Skype, but of course also Whatsapp Video. The maker of the appointment usually takes the lead in the choice. Don’t know the program what will be used? Then give it a try before the meeting starts.

To prepare

Make sure the system works, your Wifi is working and your sound is on. Nothing more annoying than the first 10 minutes annoying you with the faltering image, or colleagues who are still testing their audio.

  • Be on time!

You won’t be late for work either. Call in a few minutes in advance. Make sure you are ready to run the meeting effectively.

  • Focus

Do not speak out of turn. Because video is sometimes delayed, it can be difficult to keep track of who says what. Tip: also use the chat function. Then the person presenting presents themselves when he or she looks at your question.

Stay safe!

Do you have any questions about your work regarding the Coronavirus?

Then you can mail this to corona@studentflex.nl.

We wish you a lot of strength and success in the coming period. Pay attention to yourself and your environment.

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