Tristen talks about his experience with Studentflex, the match with the culture and working style of New10 and how his job at New10 helps him further in ways he missed out on during his studies. Read more!

Testimonial Tristen: the perfect match

Tristen (24) has been working for a year at New10, a subsidiary of ABN Amro, as an Onboarding Specialist through Studentflex. He talks about the first interview with Studentflex, the personal approach, the match with New10 and the culture of the company. 


“Last summer I decided I wanted to gain more experience in business. Exactly at that moment I was approached by Studentflex by Milou, one of the flexers. Not long after that, I had an interview and this was very different than I had expected. Normally you prepare yourself for a job interview in a substantive way and in terms of capabilities, but at Studentflex it was more on a personal level and about who I am as a person and what my strengths are.I was positively surprised by this. After the interview I still had some doubts because I didn’t know what to expect: ‘what would they come up with?’. Within a few days I got a call about a vacancy at New10 and it turned out that they hit the mark at once.

During the interview I had indicated that I was busy with a technical study and programming, but that I still missed an economic aspect. New10 contained exactly what I was looking for without explicitly mentioning it before to Studentflex. I have been working as an Onboarding Specialist for almost a year now at New10, a subsidiary of ABN Amro and specialised in business loans. I assess the applications that come in and thereby I’m a kind of detective looking for traces that may lead to approval or rejection for a loan.”


New10 is exactly the kind of company I was looking for: a company with a very open culture without a clear hierarchy. You have a lot of contact with everyone in the company and are encouraged to approach others. There is a lot of room to start new projects and set up new things yourself. We even have a ‘Change time’-day once a week, a day on which you don’t evaluate requests but instead get the time to work on other projects to improve internal processes. We also have fortnightly projects in teams and meetings in which each team shares what they are doing so you know what everyone in the company is currently working on.”


“I feel that this job helps me further in ways that I missed out on during my studies: I get the opportunity to show my own initiative, take up my own projects and contribute a lot. Also, because it’s a growing company, I see what’s involved when you have an idea and actually want to implement it. Because of the open culture I also learn to get the right people together and to go to the right people if you can’t find a solution yourself. Yes, I’m very good at my place at New10!”

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