Romy has been working for Adyen for three months now. She shares her experience and tells you how she was able to apply for a job at Adyen within two weeks. Read more here!

Testimonial Romy: a challenging and suitable side job!

Romy (22) is already in the final year of her bachelor Information Science: a study that builds a bridge between ‘people’ and ‘ICT’. Romy decided it was time for a more serious and substantive side job in line with her studies. Through Studentflex, she now works at Adyen and shares her experience.


“I got in touch with Studentflex through a friend. I had stopped working at my previous job for 1.5 years and because of COVID-19 I suddenly had a lot of time left. This made me feel the need to start working again. However, I found it difficult to find a job that tied in with my studies. For this reason, I decided to sign up with Studentflex. To be honest, I thought: “that’s easy!”. I send them my CV and they looked for a challenging and suitable job for me. After my application things went very quickly. I was allowed to apply for a job at Adyen after just two weeks. That was great!

I really liked the personal attention at Studentflex. For example, my Account Manager Laura gave me valuable tips on how to prepare my application well. The training provided by Studentflex also helped me a great deal. In this training we looked at where your strengths lie and that gave me a lot of confidence to start my new job. ”


“I have been working at Adyen for three months now in the Account Set-Up Operations team, which in turn falls under Technical Support. I think it’s fantastic! My team is very diverse and consists of 12 people: both Dutch and internationals, boys and girls with different studies. We handle different ‘tickets’ or ‘tasks’ and these tasks can be very diverse. For example, a customer, such as a web shop, can email us to say that, in addition to Credit Card and iDeal, they now want to accept Klarna as a payment method. We will then set this up for the customer. In this way, I learn a lot about the world of financial technology and contact with customers.”


“I really like the fact that I have contact with people from all over. My team consists of people from Poland, England, Germany, Italy, and every morning we have a meeting with people from Singapore. This has really taught me how people work in other countries. My English has also improved considerably.

Furthermore, in our team we are very challenged to work on more complicated issues, which keeps it interesting. Within Adyen there are many opportunities for growth, so I am certainly open to them. I will now first complete my bachelor’s degree, work fulltime at Adyen for six months and in February 2022 start on the additional master’s degree.”

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