Renske talks about her experience with Studentflex and how her job at ZIVVER is keeping her challenged and alert continuously. She also shares what it has taught her so far. Read more about it here!

Testimonial Renske: continuity of improvements and challenges

Renske (24) has been working for one year at ZIVVER as a User Representative via Studentflex. She talks about her first contact with Studentflex, her job at ZIVVER and what she learned at the company.


“After 3.5 years in a sales team, I was ready for something new. Then the big question was, ‘What now?’. I was almost starting with my master’s degree and I didn’t feel like having a ‘simple’ job anymore. I was looking for something more serious: a job with content. Several people told me that Studentflex really looks at you as a person and that you don’t just get placed somewhere randomly. Based on this, I decided to contact Studentflex and had an interview with one of the account managers, Laura. This conversation really stuck in my memory because she really understood me, thought along with me and had a good idea of what I was looking for. They pay a lot of attention to where your challenges lie and how you would like to develop yourself. I walked away and thought ‘wow, that was fun!’. After this conversation, I was contacted quickly about ZIVVER. I had never heard of ZIVVER, but I really enjoyed doing something completely different than something right up my alley. After the selection rounds at ZIVVER, I was immediately excited and felt very much at ease there.”


I now work as a User Representative at ZIVVER and people’s first reaction is often “it’s a customer service, right?” but it’s so much more than that. You’re constantly solving a puzzle because the things customers experience can have all kinds of different causes. Because you’re the one having customer contact, you know what kind of wishes there are. So you are constantly thinking about what can be improved. Then, you link this back to other departments. Within our team we also have weekly meeting about how we can improve our service. After a year, I’m still learning new things, so I’m constantly alert and challenged. You are really taken seriously at ZIVVER and you feel part of the company. Taking initiative is a must and you can also take on projects of your own of which you think there is a demand for.


“This job certainly helps me for my future because I learn to work together in a team in which we provide each other with feedback. During my job and masters, I am also doing the High Potential Academy trajectory where I am being challenged even more to think about my career. I’m learning to be critical, when I have to take responsibility, but also when I have to ask for help. This balance is very important.”

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