Jana works as NextGen at Adyen in partner marketing and shares how positively surprised she was by the personal approach of our account manager Laura, her work at Adyen, the work environment and the tech industry. Read more about it here!

Testimonial Jana: talking to marketing experts from all over the world

International student Jana (25) works as NextGen at Adyen in partner marketing. She tells how positively surprised she was by the personal approach of our account manager Laura, about her job at Adyen, about the work environment and about the tech industry. 


Last year I was looking for a part-time job next to my studies to gain experience that would fit my studies and my interests. A friend then told me how happy she was with the side job she found through Studentflex and that it matched her ambitions and interests exactly. I became curious and wanted to know more about Studentflex.

I contacted one of the account managers, Laura, and I was immediately positively surprised by how much care and attention Laura put into the process. Instead of just suggesting some companies, she wanted to make sure it matched well with my personality and goals. She made sure I always felt very supported, but also indicated when I needed to work more on my own self-evaluation to find out what I wanted.”


Currently I’m working at Adyen as NextGen, part of the Next Generation program, in partner marketing. The goal is to communicate clearly and consistently about how we work, who we work with and how we can help entrepreneurs with their payment system. My tasks vary from updating our databases and website to devising successful marketing campaigns for new partners. I learn a lot about all aspects of digital marketing: from SEA to working with design teams and copywriters to doing research for campaigns. I have contact with numerous offices around the world and consult with marketing experts from Singapore to San Francisco.

Adyen is different from any other company where I’ve worked before: the work environment is very dynamic and everyone is very approachable. One time during a coffee break I told a colleague that I would like to learn more about coding and I was immediately added to a small coding class given by one of our data analysts! You will be involved in essential tasks from the start and you are expected to take the initiative. It can be very challenging, but you learn a lot and everyone is always willing to help you.”


“Marketing is an essential part of any successful business and at Adyen I have experienced how digital marketing is done by experts. It’s a great place to learn a lot in a short time. I have discovered that the tech industry is a great place to work in and I definitely see it as an option for my future. My job at Adyen has helped me to feel more excited about graduating because I can enter the job market with real, practical experience that will definitely help”.

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