Gijs works as Conversation Automation Developer at Ciphix and shares how positively surprised he was by the personal approach of our account manager Laura, his work at Ciphix, the work environment and his love for AI. Read more about it here!

Testimonial Gijs: the bridge between the company and the technology

Gijs (22) works as a Conversation Automation Developer at Ciphix. He talks about the nice contact moments with Studentflex, his function and the gathering of his knowledge at Ciphix.


“During the final phase of my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, I was looking for a suitable and substantive side job in addition to my studies. I had fewer study obligations and so the ultimate opportunity to orientate myself for the choice of my master. Via LinkedIn I came into contact with Laura from Studentflex. I really enjoyed the conversations with Laura. Laura really made an effort to find a job matching with my interests and ambitions for artificial intelligence.” 

” I have always been very enterprising. I like to build things. For example, in my spare time I have been involved an application for a hospital. I am interested in Artifical Intelligence because it is applicable in many areas and creates opportunities that were not there before. Companies have an increasing need for technology and digital solutions to increase their productivity”.

“I am currently working at Ciphix as a Conversation Automation Developer. As a Conversation Automation Developer you spend the whole day automating different projects for customers. Within Ciphix I am active in helping to build smart chatbots. I quickly got my own small projects, so I have a lot of responsibilities. It’s cool to work with people who all have the same ambitions as you. You are constantly implementing artificial intelligence within companies. In your studies you often have an assignment that you have to work out but you don’t really make a product. At Ciphix I really get energy from the people who all have the same ambitions as me. The nice thing about working at Ciphix is that you are the bridge between the company and technology.” 

“My part-time job at Ciphix made a big contribution to the choice for my master’s and starting my own business. During my part-time job at Ciphix I get a good impression of how they run a start-up and how their ambitions fit in with this. It has motivated me more to work at a start-up after my master and to gain a lot of experience. One of the first quotes I heard at Ciphix was “I’ve never done it before, so I think I can do it.”  This is also a good description of the mentality within Ciphix and the way of working.

After my bachelor I want to start my master in Artificial Intelligence. I hope to finish my master in two years and then work at Ciphix or something similar. At the end of the day, my dream is to start my own business. ”

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