Frederique works as Graphic Designer & DTP'er at Tover. She shares about her experience with Studentflex and how this opportunity has resulted in getting a full-time job at Tover. Read more!

Testimonial Frederique: well prepared for the future

Frederique (25) works as a Graphic Designer & DTP’er at Tover. She talks about the nice contact moments with Studentflex, her work and her experiences at Tover.


“I was looking for a part-time job during my final phase of my Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Heritage at the Reinwardt Academy. Through my traineeships I became more interested in graphic design.  I was looking for a job where I  could develop myself further in the field of graphic design.

Via one of my friends Loreen Bone , I came in touch with Studentflex.  After signing up, I had an intake interview with Account Manager Lucas. In no time,, I was offered a job vacancy  that matched my preferences. During the preparations for my job interview, Lucas checked-in if everything went well, this was very valuable.  For example, he shared useful links with tips and background information so that I was well prepared.”


“I am currently working as a Graphic Designer and DTP’er at Tover in the marketing department. Tover develops games for specific target groups, such as people with dementia, people with learning disabilities, or children with autism.  Because of their change of name from Active Cues to Tover, there was a lot of work to do. I support the marketing department in implementing their new corporate identity and designing offline and online communication tools. During my work at Tover I gained a lot of knowledge about the programmes and I learned the do’s and don’ts of graphic design.”


“My side job via Studentflex has given me more experience in the field of business. I found a suitable way of working & what I really find important within an organisation. Through Studentflex I am better prepared for my future career.  This opportunity has resulted in me being offered a full-time job Tover.”

Written by Farah Evers

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