Working at Adyen via Studentflex. Sanne shares her experience: "Studentflex gave me confidence in applying". Read more here!

Testimonial Sanne: Studentflex gave me confidence in applying

Sanne (22) is originally from Haarlem and has been living in Amsterdam for 5 years now. Currently, she is in the final year of her Bachelor Business Administration and she is planning to start in September with the next Master: Business Administration, track Consumer Marketing. Sanne is working at Adyen via Studentflex since november. She shares her experience:


“I had seen Studentflex pass by on my social media and a friend of mine got a job at Adyen via Studentflex. At the time I was not sure whether Adyen was a good ‘fit’ for me, but during my intake interview I became very enthusiastic about it. One thing led to another and now we are more than six months further on.

I experienced the intake interview at Studentflex as accessible. I had the feeling that the focus here was on really getting to know me and not from a certain direction that had been decided for me. This was due to the way in which questions were asked, for example. These were focused on what I was saying at that moment. Instead of going through a standard questionnaire, genuine interest was shown by asking more about my answers. That gave me a good feeling. You are guided very well in the application process, which gave me a lot of confidence in applying to Adyen.”


“Within Adyen I work in the Screening Operations team. Here I am mainly busy solving fraud cases and checking data. You work on something so big that you have a part in it. That’s very cool.

Adyen is a huge company and tries very hard to involve everyone in the ‘Adyen Formula’. For example, they do everything they can to raise energy levels at home. For example, there’s the ‘Afternoon Check In’, where colleagues can get together via Zoom. In this meeting, it’s nice to hear what everyone’s up to.”


“Vooral nieuwe dingen leren is iets waar ik veel energie van krijg. Werken voor zo’n groot bedrijf is een eer op zich en een geweldige ervaring om al op jonge leeftijd mee te mogen maken. Als het mogelijk is, zou ik graag in het buitenland willen wonen en werken. Dat lijkt me een hele mooie, grote en bijzondere ervaring. Wie weet is dat mogelijk bij een internationaal bedrijf als Adyen!”

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Written by Eline Keuning

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