Opportunities after Covid-19

Corona, COVID-19, crisis and unemployment: since March we have been flooded with these terms and negativity by the media and trade magazines of our sector. That is why we think it is time for a positive response from Studentflex and High Potential Academy.

We have been living in a digitized community for three months now: we work from home, have no opportunity to connect face-to-face with our community as usual and can only look at our clients in their digital eyes to ask where and to whom exactly they go to be looking.

Stay connected
Yes, you read that correctly: our clients and more and more organizations accept the current situation and want to continue. Everyone begins to see light again at the end of the COVID tunnel and continues to become the order of the day: continue with their passions, companies, ‘normal’ activities and also asking for new talent. No, the 8pm news is not just about COVID-19 anymore, working from home feels more and more normal, employees are building entire home offices to stay efficient and we are looking digitally for ways to stay connected to our colleagues and support our employees. So, what is the effect of this new normal on our sector and services?

The new normal
We all see them: the negative reports about the labor market, the increasing amount of UWV benefits, companies that no longer hire talent and stressed young people wondering how to start their career. When I read these messages, I feel proud of our organizations. Of course we also feel what is happening worldwide, but we keep our course and are still growing. We see this time as an opportunity: a huge challenge to appeal to and connect more talent. And yes, our positive outlook is effective at both Studentflex and High Potential Academy.

Of course it also took us energy and time to make that switch to the new normal, but this also makes us more creative: we pick up the phone even faster, are even more enterprising and are ready as connecting sparring partners for our community and clients. We also deal with frustrations, but think that in this bizarre time we learn more than ever: you learn more in crisis than in comfort, right?

Opportunities in the future
What has always been important for both Studentflex and High Potential Academy, the person behind the CV, is now even more important than ever. As a candidate you are forced to think carefully about your motivations and passions and our clients have to think even better about their questions during this exciting time. We like to think along with you, full of passion and energy for the future. This time also provides opportunities for everyone.


Written by Maurits ter Poorten

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