Mahima works in the Support Team at Ciphix. She shares her experience and tells you about her work and personal development. Read on!

Testimonial Mahima: It is more than a student job

Mahima (22) was born in India and moved to the Netherlands with her family at a young age. In the Netherlands, Mahima has always been in an international environment. She also discovered early on that engineering is something that interests her. As a woman in engineering, Mahima therefore has great and big ambitions: to be a role model in the engineering world!


“I knew that I was going to finish my bachelor Aerospace Engineering at the TU in Delft and instead of continuing my studies straight away, I also knew that I wanted to do ‘something’. I was approached by one of your Flexers and that was perfect timing for me. I particularly liked the face-to-face meeting at Studentflex, where you get to talk about who you are and what your goals are. It takes some of the pressure off applying, you can be yourself and on that basis you are matched to a company that suits you well.”


“I have been hired for the Support Team at Ciphix. Ciphix has a lot of software robots ‘live’ at different companies. Sometimes an error occurs or something needs to be adjusted. These issues usually come to us and we make sure that everything runs smoothly. In addition, I am also involved in other projects. Ciphix for instance has its own Academy. Here they offer various training courses for both internal employees and external companies. For example, I help setting up the RPA Development Training. Besides that, Ciphix offers more trainings, such as Business Analyst, Functional Management, Infrastructure, RPA Security Training and many more.

Personal development is also central at Ciphix. I did a very technical study, in which I didn’t really learn any soft skills. That’s why I found it important to work in an environment where I can share my technical skills, but also learn to present, reflect and give feedback, for example. Especially because I’m so young, I don’t want to focus only on results, but also on my personal growth and development. At Ciphix I am challenged in this.”


“This is my very first side job and I really like it! I am really enjoying myself and I did not expect to like it so much. It is presented as a student job, but it is definitely more than that. You have a lot of responsibility, you can try out new things and take the initiative. Ciphix is also a flexible employer who really thinks along with you. For example, would I like to discover another branch within the organisation? Then there are certainly possibilities to do so. Enough opportunities to grow!”

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