Do you opt for an internship or a substantive student workingship?

Internship versus student workership

Many students are obliged to do an internship, often in the form of a graduation linked to the thesis. An instructive and intensive process for students and often also for the company. In addition to the compulsory internship, there is also a group that runs a voluntary internship. Voluntary because they are not yet able to find a job, or because they find it a nice addition to their CV. For a small fee, they work together and gain ‘work experience’. These are often internships of at least 4 to 6 months full-time.

Student workership

What many students do not know is that there is also a very good alternative to the non-compulsory internship: a work placement. During a student workership, you earn a competitive salary and you are really judged on your performance. This ensures that you also remain critical during your work, proactively think along and thus gain real work experience. The duration varies from 2 to 5 months 3 to 4 to 5 days a week.

As with an internship, certainly do not immediately expect the most substantive job. But in the end you can make such an assignment as substantive as you want. When the client sees that you are taking things to you and that there is time left, the challenge will automatically increase. You can obtain a permanent position through an internship, but perhaps even sooner through a student workership. In addition, it is also possible to do 2 student workingships. 1 internship within a period of 5 months. As a result, you will eventually see more of the business community and you will gain even more knowledge about the labour market.

Not all companies have student workerships. So are you looking at a company that only does internships? It is quite understandable that you want to do an internship there. Are you not specifically looking for that one company? Then go for a student workingship! It often gives more experience and is also good for the wallet. Do you want more information on this subject? Please contact us at: www.studentflex.nl

Written by Kasper Klop

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