Flipping The Talent

November 2020 will go into the books as the month of choice between red and blue. 
However, when writing this blog it looks like Biden managed to flip the colour from red to blue. It is feared that it will take a long time before flipping red to blue will be accepted.

November also stands for highlight 2, the revival of Corona.
This second Corona wave seems to have an even greater impact on the labour market and on everyone’s state of mind, but, as I wrote earlier, it also offers opportunities. It is a question of creative use of your talent, just flip it to the right direction. Try to look openly at your skills, but above all trust your character. In recent periods, with Studentflex and High Potential Academy, we have helped a lot of talent find a place in the labour market. And no, those were not open doors.

Flipping Talent
Perseverance, creativity and adaptability were the  keywords to find a place in the labour market. We see a talent in everyone, we dare to indicate where they have to flip in order to be able to land them in the right place on the labour market. Be proud of yourself, and seize the opportunities ahead. At the end of the day, you have to do it yourself, put your shoulder to the wheel and keep faith. That’s how Biden flipped the swing states, you can also flip your talent. Be positive and go for it!

Growth for Studentflex and High Potential Academy
For us, there is no choice between red and blue; no, on the contrary, we see them go hand in hand. Studentflex and High Potential Academy are growing. Also during this second wave and looking at 2021 we see opportunities, for you and for us. We will have to live with a virus that keep an eye on things for a long time. One thing we know for sure; when you flip your talent there are opportunities, and hope!! God bless you, and may god bless your talent…….

Written by Maurits ter Poorten

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