Anneloes is the newest addition to the High Potential Academy team. I am curious about Anneloes’ strategy in finding a perfect match between candidate and client.

Anneloes Dimmendaal about the perfect match between candidate and client

After almost four years of work experience in recruitment and matching, Anneloes is the newest addition to the High Potential Academy team. She takes on the role of Lead Recruitment Consultant, where she works with top talent on the next step in their careers. In addition, she works closely with partners to connect them to the talent they are looking for. I am curious about Anneloes’ strategy in finding a perfect match between candidate and client: 


“I noticed that I was ready to offer more customization. I didn’t want to deliver a standard package anymore, with the same set of questions and the usual matching procedure. I get energy from conversations that go deeper: taking an extra step and getting to know both the candidate and the client well. My position at High Potential Academy allows me to get to the heart of the matter and investigate what lies behind certain answers.” 


But how do you get to know the candidate and client on a deeper level? “The trick is to let the candidate tell as much as possible and to find the connections with clients and functions in that story. In addition, you can tell people when they get that sparkle in their eyes and become really enthusiastic about something. I always take a certain energy or attitude into consideration when considering a suitable job. If I find a match based on personality, I’m already on the right track. In-depth knowledge can often be learned.”


“What can be difficult with clients is that a fixed profile has often been devised for a certain position. I always try to find out what the focus is. Does the organisation need substantive knowledge or can this be learned? Is it especially important that someone fits within the culture of the organisation? In my experience, candidates sometimes focus too much on one particular sector. I then try to challenge them and let them explain what they find so interesting about that sector. In this way, you sometimes find out that candidates does not necessarily want to work for a larger corporate, but that they like a hierarchical structure. These are two different things. I never put words in people’s mouths, but I do like to let candidates and clients come to these kinds of insights. It’s often also unawareness.” 


“I’ve learned that a good balance between empathy and a critical eye is essential: empathy with the candidate and client is important, but you should also not accept everything that is said. It is already a success for me if I have given them a little more direction and certainty. I can really enjoy it when a candidate walks out of the office and I have taught them something. No matter how small it is, it makes my day a little better.”

Written by Manon de Lijster

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