Looking for talent

Smart, ambitious people. Talents at the beginning of their careers. Finding the challenge. Being prepared to take on everything, as long as their knowledge and ability are addressed. You’ll find the dream candidates for temporary jobs at Studentflex.

And because we understand finding and binding talent, you can make use of that knowledge too. We’re happy to be a sparring partner for clients on all possible HR issues. That way, you get advice about everything that we know works.

Studentflex – that’s why

Studentflex is critical, connective and enterprising. That’s to say, we actively research the culture at your organisation, what the possibilities are for our candidates and what the actual demand is.

Do we fit together? That’s what we want to know. If the answer is yes, then we’ll go for it. And not just for today. Which is why we start with a good talk. After that, you’ll get the candidates you’re looking for.

You need experienced candidates?

If you’re looking for talent that also has work experience, we’ll help you at the High Potential Academy , the ultimate talent development agency in the Netherlands.

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