For a 'Frisse Blik Talk' we invite inspiring speakers to give their vision on a subject to be determined by themselves.

Frisse Blik Talk #6 | January 31, 2019

31 January 2019 - 18:00 - 21:00
HUB Amsterdam - Tweede Jan Steenstraat 23hs
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Frisse Blik Talk

For this event we invite inspiring speakers. This evening is dedicated to a theme. As the name of the event says ‘Frisse Blik’ it is mainly about giving an innovative view on a subject. Each of the speakers gives his or her ‘Frisse Blik’ on this subject. Then the speakers are questioned in a kind of ‘college tour’ like setting, both the presenter and the audience.

This time the following speakers are going to give their ‘Frisse Blik’.

‘Frisse Terugblik’

The previous edition gave this evening their vision on the theme of the evening: ‘contemporary entrepreneurship’. The speakers who spoke were:


To give you an idea of how this evening will look like, see below the aftermovie of the previous edition:

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